What’s In a Background Check and Which Type is Best for Your Business?

Are you running the appropriate background check for your new hires? A background check is an essential part of the hiring process. It helps ensure that you’re bringing on the right person for the job. It also protects your company from possible negligent hiring lawsuits.

For that reason, what should background checks include and which type is the most efficient for your industry? Let’s take a look below!

Types of Background Checks

If you’re about to hire someone for a position in your business, the pre-screening process can make an informed decision about your potential employee. Depending on your industry, here are the types of background checks that you should run during the hiring process:

  • Criminal background check: This provides employers with a comprehensive view of potential applicants’ criminal histories.
  • Employment verifications: This process confirms the accuracy of the information in a candidate’s resume or application.
  • Drug testing: This helps determine if a candidate has a substance abuse problem that could impact their performance and possibly put them or others in harm.
  • MVR records: A vital check for roles requiring driving, MVR records provides data about the applicant’s driving history. It also includes information about the driver’s license.
  • License verifications: This step verifies if the candidate has the proper credentials, licenses, and certifications needed for a specific role.
  • Reference verifications: Another tool to find the best talent, this process reveals information about a candidate’s work history, skills, and abilities.

Which Background Check Is Best for Your Industry?

The specific information in a background check depends on an organization’s policies and the requirements needed for the position. No two companies are alike, and the background check process needs to be tailored to suit your organization. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and requirements vary based on your specific needs.

For instance, in the healthcare industry, a typical background check includes employment, education, and professional license verification. Meanwhile, if you’re hiring a medical professional for home care, it’s crucial to run a comprehensive criminal record check.

If your industry is manufacturing or industrial, you must prioritize safety when operating machinery and equipment. Hence, drug testing, criminal history, or reference checks are mandatory processes to get the job done safely.

Start a Background Check Today

The right background check service can help you make better hiring decisions, ensure a safe environment, and stay compliant. If you need help with recruitment and background checks, you can consult the experts at HR Preferred. Our experts make the process simple and get you results that are accurate and thorough. Your employees will thank you for it!