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As many as 53 percent of potential job candidates are known to provide embellished information or falsify their credentials in their resumes.

A number of jobs today require the employee to present a license at the time of hiring to prove that they are legally fit to perform the task. Choose HR Preferred today if you wish to save yourself the extra salary for setting up an internal team. Most importantly, we are designed and validated by FCRA professionals! We can procure the professional license history of all candidates (regardless of which state they reside in) to return endorsements, status, and other possible offenses.

This professional license verification service can be used for professional or medical types of license verifications, such as doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, etc., as long as there’s a certifying authority to validate those claims in real-time.

With professional license verification service, you receive unmanipulated information regarding the potential applicant’s certification number, date issued, expiration date, license type, and disciplinary actions. Our license verification service allows you to hire faster with verified information! Moreover, you significantly reduce the risk of hiring an inadequate candidate for your company who could very well put your company’s reputation at stake.

These checks build onto the hiring process pretty quickly. If the team at HR Preferred finds any discrepancy in the information submitted versus that has been retrieved, we shall highlight the information for you to ensure a great recruiting experience.

But if you wish to ignore the obligation of running a professional license verification, you’re consciously exposing your organization to a certain degree of risk based on a negligent hiring claim as well as increasing your chances of civil monetary penalties from the OIG, or other government bodies.


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