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Conducting preferred healthcare searches check has become a necessity in order to rebuild the trust between a professional and their client. For example, a newly hired dispatcher at a pharmacy being held for recent drug convictions is alarming for all parties included. Apart from safeguarding the clients, using medical background check services also protects the company’s reputation and other employees functioning within the firm.

Medical background checks are usually designed to focus on concerning regions, such as federal exclusions or a history of malpractice, and provide a detailed employment screening.

At HR Preferred, our medical background checks for employers include much more than just the criminal history; because we believe that someone without a criminal history isn’t guaranteed to perform the job correctly. Our healthcare background checking service runs over the following aspects to ensure an error-free report:

Verification of the Past and Current Identity Verification Check

Job candidates are expected to lie on their resume regarding their past education and employment; almost 99 percent of them do! But by submitting your potential job applicant’s resume to HR Preferred, you can remain assured that you’re hiring the right man for the job. As for the identity verification check, it’s crucial to verify the identity of every employer and employee entering the firm.

Drug Screening and Criminal Background Check

Failure to perform drug screening is likely to create liability within the premises in case of an accident. On the other hand, criminal background checks provide valuable information — for example, hiring a billing assistant who has been charged for theft may soon turn out to be problematic for you and your firm. Medical background searches may also be run for federal exclusion searches and sex offender searches.

In order to run the medical background check correctly, the employer is expected to clearly state to the potential candidate how and why they will be running the test. Before proceeding further, it’s an obligation for employers to receive a consent form that the inspection personnel has signed for performing the background check.

Upon receiving the report, employers must grant the candidate a chance to explain their situation, which may have forced them to take adverse action. Remember that findings of the medical background check can only influence the decision for employment.

Choose HR Preferred for employment screening today! We have been designed and validated by FRCA on the occasion of our truthful reporting skills.

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