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HR Preferred helps you hire faster with an easy & thorough process

Some of the tools we provide

Address History Search

HR Preferred uses an address history search, often referred to as a Social Security Number Trace, which is the key to a successful criminal background check. It provides you with a road map of where your candidate lives, has lived, and if they’ve used an
alternative or alias name.

County Criminal Record Search

HR Preferred’s County Criminal Search provides you with access to over 3,100 counties across the United States, which keeps a record of most criminal records that might be of concern to employers. This search provides you with the most up-to-date public criminal information available.

  • HR Preferred employs an extensive network of court researchers that utilize automation and in-person access to retrieve these records.

Multi-State Criminal Record Search

HR Preferred’s Multi-State Criminal Search provides you with a criminal database searching billions of criminal records across multiple states. This search can help you uncover records you may have missed otherwise.

  • HR Preferred uses this report as a pointer to determine additional locations to search.
  • HR Preferred confirms all potential records at the source before reporting.
  • This search is limited to the name provided in your search request.
  • An extensive Alias search, which can search additional names, is available as well.

Federal Criminal Records

HR Preferred’s Federal Criminal provides you with access to 94 US Federal District courts that maintain federal criminal records. You can find the following types of criminal records at the federal level; mail fraud, drug trafficking, embezzlement, kidnapping, among others.


Employment Verification

HR Preferred verifies the employment information that your candidate has provided. There are many instances where candidates will have their unique versions of their previous employment.

  • This service is more of an art than a science and can have many factors that contribute to the completion time, and information verified, of these requests.


Education Verification

HR Preferred provides you with access to educational institutions throughout the US to verify the education accomplishments your candidate shares with you. Candidates have been found to inflate their degrees and achievements to earn the spot you are looking to fill.

  • This service verifies the highest degree earned.
  • HR Preferred has a current list of diploma mills to investigate further the credibility of a degree provided.


Preferred Healthcare Searches

Our healthcare clients have a lot on their plate. We help them avoid civil monetary penalties and payment recoupments by ensuring they are not employing an excluded or unlicensed individual.

  • Federal OIG exclusions
  • State OIG exclusions
  • State disciplinary board actions
  • Professional license verification

MVR Driving History Report

HR Preferred procures your candidate’s driving history from the state in which they hold a driver’s license. Mitigate the risk for your team members that drive a company vehicle or their own personal vehicles for work purposes.

  • Information returned can include status, endorsements, and driving-related offenses.

Drug Screening

HR Preferred offers Lab-based drug testing services throughout the US to screen candidates for the possible use of illicit drugs. Lab-based testing has a better chance of being upheld when challenged.

  • Enhance your candidate experience with electronic forms, and provide them with a more comfortable time selecting which lab location works best for their schedule.
  • Your team has real-time access to the drug screen status during every part of the drug screen process.
  • All results reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO).
  • Non-DOT & DOT drug tests available.

Pre/Adverse Action Notification Fulfillment Services

If an employer takes an adverse action based on information learned from a background check, the employer has a responsibility to provide a pre-adverse and adverse action letter to the candidate informing them of the findings and their rights. HR Preferred assists clients with fulfilling their adverse action obligations.

  • Easily manage your adverse action process through HR Preferred’s platform.

i9 & E-Verify Fulfillment Services

HR Preferred provides US employers with the electronic capability to complete the i9 forms. Additionally, HR Preferred can assist employers required, or who have elected, to use the E-Verify system.

  • Smooth processing workflow for i9 completion.
  • Secure storage and easy lookup for potential ICE Audits.

Availability varies and is subject to change, contact your rep for updated coverage.

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