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A driving history record check seems inevitable for a candidate seeking for a position in a driving company (such as an ambulance driver, commercial driver, and operator of courier or chauffeuring companies). But did you know these records could also offer great insights into the job applicant’s character?

Not to be judgmental, of course, but a go at HR Preferred driving history check service can reveal all of the dangerous ‘drinking and driving’ habits as well as report other instances displaying sheer irresponsibility of the character.

There are certain records that only appear on driving records (i.e., they may not always show on criminal background searches). Each driving record check report includes important details such as license validity, suspensions, accidents, violations, and others.

Why just limit driving history record check service to pre-hiring? You can also use it to keep track of all your company’s operators on the road after they’ve joined your fleet.

HR Preferred is a driving history record check service. You will receive a detailed report on the class and type of vehicle the candidate is licensed to drive, any recent restrictions imposed by government authorities, traffic violations, and suspension or expiry date for the license.

Make the right pick with HR Preferred. Check job candidates’ and employees’ history of road safety offenses recorded against their license today to better meet the industry’s standard by contacting us today.


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