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Background checks are known to be the employer’s principal medium of securing accurate information regarding prospective job applicants. A criminal record for employers is known to protect employees and the consumers involved during transactions. It also protects the company’s reputation as it significantly improves the quality of hiring. Moreover, conducting an extensive background check significantly reduces the chances of embezzlement, theft, and other criminal violations.

As the saying goes, “hire the best, reject the rest,” we at HR Preferred offer county, federal, and multi-state criminal records search to maximize your productivity. The information retrieved via records not only reveals the productivity, professionalism, and communication abilities of the potential hire but also indicates the future performance of the employee.

HR Preferred excels in the following services for running a comprehensive criminal background check:

1. County Criminal Search

County criminal searches provided by HR Preferred are guaranteed to return the most recently updated public criminal information available on the web. We have an extensive network that connects over 3,100 counties within the US, making it easier for you to retrieve criminal records that may be a concern for you as an employer post-hiring.

2. Federal Criminal Record Search For Employment

Federal criminal record search for employment offered by HR Preferred gives employers access to almost 94 federal district courts in the United States that regularly maintain their federal criminal records. A federal criminal record is likely to display high-level crimes committed at the federal level (such as drug trafficking and mail fraud), crimes against people and businesses (such as kidnapping and white-collar crimes), and others.

Note: A federal criminal record doesn’t appear while conducting a general criminal background check because they have been tried at the federal court level only.

3. Multi-State Criminal Record Search

Multi-state criminal record searches uncover the minutest of details that an employer may miss otherwise. We connect you directly with the criminal database that contains billions (if not trillions) of entries from innumerable states.

HR Preferred is dedicated to providing you with the correct information; for this reason, we double-check any potential records that may be attained at the source before reporting them to you.

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