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You deserve to have a background check partner you can trust. One that treats your business as its own. That partner is HR Preferred.

Did you know 40 percent of candidates over exaggerate their academic qualifications on their resume? Moreover, 11 percent of candidates tend to falsely acclaim that they have another degree to increase their chances of securing the position?
STOP! It isn’t just a little white lie if you place it on your resume in hopes of securing the prospective job opening.

Employment background screening services from HR Preferred allow employers to recheck the data provided by the candidate, on their cover letter or resume. This service may also be referred to as pre-employment background checks that help hiring parties to make a more informed decision quickly regarding the potential job applicant.

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Think of us as your trusted background check partner. Our process enhances your compliance because they were designed and validated by FCRA experts. We build confidence in your background checks. Protecting you, your employees, and your customers.

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