The 3 Most Important Healthcare Background Checks to Run for Physicians and Nurses

The only way for employers to ensure that they’re hiring the right candidate as a physician or nurse is to run pre-employment background checks. This serves as a guarantee that the facility will not encounter problems with the employee at a later date.

Running medical background checks for employers encourages honesty during the hiring process, verifies that the applicant is qualified for the harm, saves patients from potential harm, and ensures that the professional holds a valid license. Although the requirements of each healthcare background check may vary, they must include three important checks for healthcare professionals:

1. Criminal Search

Research conducted by the DHHS OIG found 19 percent of nurses guilty of neglect, abuse, and misappropriation. A major chunk of this number had prior convictions for theft and other offenses against persons. A criminal search taps into a database to locate criminal records from various jurisdictions registered against the person.

2. Sex Offender Search

Did you know there are more than 500,000 sex offenders in the United States? Since physicians and nurses come in contact with patients frequently, it’s important to run the sex offender search as well to identify any applicants who have pleaded guilty to a sex crime previously.

3. Drug Screening

Because physicians and nurses have access to some of the most powerful drugs, the employer must ensure that they were not previously held with charges for substance abuse. Drug screening reveals most of the habits of the applicant, which may lead to disqualification from a position in the healthcare industry.

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